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You can do a quick search with the following tables that indicate the shape, voltage, power, temperature, and life expectancy of a variety of lamps we’ve studied that have been manufactured by Osram/Sylvania, General Electric, Philips and Ushio.

If you’re looking for a lamp and can’t find it on our site, fill out this form and we’ll do everything that is possible to help you.

How to do a search:

  • If you know the code (e.g., BTL), then you will have no trouble finding it by Alphabetical Order.
  • If you know the number that the lamp is generally identified with (e.g., 4405),
    then you can search via the Numerical method.
  • If you have no such information, then the best way would be to search by Category.
    20 categories have been established to regroup similar models.
    As such, you can easily find a given lamp by virtue of its shape or base type.

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