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What computer can I use ?
Any computer with Windows XP or Windows® Vista operating system.

Can I use the software without interface ?
Yes you can without any restriction.

What are computer requirements ?
This mainly depends of the operating system and of the 3D visualization. Some examples:
Without using the 3D visualization:
- pentium 1Ghz, with 512Mb of memory (RAM), under Windows XP
- pentium 2Ghz, with 1Gb of memory (RAM), under Windows Vista
Using the 3D visualization:
- video card for minimum rendering (gobo disable): Radeon7000 or GeForce2
- video card for maximum rendering: Radeon9000 or GeForce4
Caution: desktop color must be setted to 32 bits.
Caution: these specifications do not consider the using of other multimedia files (sound, video, etc).

What does the system control ?
All kind of DMX512 equipment (intelligent lights mirror/head, color changer, dimmer, spotlights, smoke machines, strobes, ...)

I do not see my fixture in your bank of fixtures ?
This is quiet easy to create a new fixture with our software. Otherwise, if you send all details of your fixture, we could add it in our bank for free.

Where to buy your product ?
Email our sales office. We will forward you to the way of proceeding to buy it.

I just bought your product, what shall I do first ?
1 - insert the cd-rom in your computer
2 - install the software
3 - plug the interface to your computer
Caution: do not plug the interface before software installation, otherwise you might have to proceed to a manual driver files installation.
4 - watch the ‘tutorial' file (on the cd-rom).

Where is the manual ?
It is on the cd-rom. Install the software and select your language. Then you could run it from the Windows start menu -> CONTROL_BOARD program.

How to check the interface is working correctly ?
- use a dmx line to link DMX out to DMX in of the interface
- start ‘control_board.exe' program
- press together < ctrl > + < shift > + < t > keys
If you see 2 lines with similar bargraphs, this means the interface is working correctly.

How many fixtures can be driven together ?
The number of fixtures is limited by the total number of 512 dmx channels (Except for the CABLE interface is limited to 100 DMX channels and 10 fixtures) . And each fixture has a different number of channels.

Is it possible to control more than one interface with the software ?
Yes. The software is able to drive up to 2 interfaces simultaneously.

What are the differences between box and rack mount interfaces ?
The box interface is able to play one single scene in stand-alone mode. It is designed primarily to be used with the computer.
The rack mount interface is more powerful in stand-alone mode, with the possibility to play up to 14 scenes and to stack them. Most of the time, it is used without the computer.
The 2 interfaces work with the same PC software.

Are software upgrades free ?
Since year 1998, the birth year of our software, all software upgrades remain free. The manufacturer do not plan to fix any fee for next software upgrades.

Is there a MAC or LINUX version ?
No, we do not propose any native MAC or LINUX version. The lonely solution is to use a PC software emulator.

What external power can I use for the interface ?
box interface: any power supply 9-12V; 300mA; ac or dc with normal or reverse polarity.
rack mount interface: 110-220V; 50-60Hz.

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