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CONTROL_BOARD is a control panel from where you can run all the different programs. Click the program icon to start it, no more scrolling trough the "Program Files" of Windows, everything you need at one panel !
In FIXTURE, declare your lighting equipment. The library contains personality files (colors, gobos, ...) for the most common fixtures (mirror lights, moving heads, color changer, strobes, power units, ...). This library is regularly updated on our site in order to stay current with new fixture releases. If the light you are using is not included, it is easy to add and configure new ones.
In GENERATOR, in a few mouse clicks, build complex lighting scenes, with pan&tilt movements and color (gobo, ...) effects, for a group of moving lights, with fanning effect. GENERATOR is able to save these complex scenes as "vectorial" scenes, which are 100% compatible with the existing BUILDER (editor) and LIVE (player) programs.
With BUILDER, create dynamic scenes. The screen manages:
. pan/tilt movements
. color, gobos, ...
. trychromie
. time and fade mode
. fixtures grouping
. ...
The BUILDER screen looks similar to a "regular lighting desk", with advanced functions like copy, paste, insert, movement shape drawing, ...
With LIVE, play the show in live. LIVE is customizable, depending of your needs. A button can trigger a light scene, a multimedia file, or a timeline. The screen can be locked by with a password. It is also possible to change any channels from BUILDER, while LIVE plays the show.
TIMELINE is a synchronized multimedia show editing software. It is able to play multiple file formats (video, picture, audio and light scenes). Drag and drop the files into the timelines and slide them in the desired time. The possible applications are:
. basic "sound and light". The readable audio files are wav, mp3, ogg and wma format.
. "video and light" on plasma screen, video projector or led wall (via a "video to led matrix" converter). The readable picture files are bmp, jpg, png, giff. The readable video files are avi, mpg, mpeg, mov, wmv.
For total security, the interface can operate lights in stand-alone mode. From STAND_ALONE, download dynamic scenes into the interface. Depending on the model, it is possible to store from 1 to 14 dynamic scenes for later recall without the need of a computer. The scenes can be swapped or added together. This system is not only ideal for backup during big shows, but also to run stand alone installations where simple use is important, like exhibitions and architectural lighting, ... Power failure does not affect the interface memory. The number of uploads is not limited.
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