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Limitations of responsibilities:
Note that the information provided at this site are not the subject of any guarantee, implicit or explicit.
Some articles can be slightly different from the illustration appearing at this site.

We can ship your order by the carrier of your choice.
Ex: Canada Post, UPS, Fedex, Purolator, Loomis, Dicom, Gojit, DHL, Bus ...

To return a product, you must get a number by filling out this form or you can reach us by phone at 418-529-8982. Note that you are responsible of the shipping fares for any returns.
All the returns of goods must be made in their original packaging.

If a product is returned without a valid reason, you must do so within the following - 10 days of the reception of your order, a fee of 15% will be charged to you.

If PROJEC.com inc. is found responsible, this responsibility would be applicable to the amount paid by the customer when purchasing the product.
Nevertheless, the customer benefits of all the rights and obligations that a customer can have under any applicable law and regulation.
The laws of the Province of Quebec govern the business between the parties. Any disagreement related to the sales and credits or any failure to the applicable sales conditions when buying a product via the site of PROJEC.com inc. will be undertake by the jurisdiction of the Province of Quebec.
Cause beyond control:
The customer at this site understands that PROJEC.com inc. won’t be responsible for the inexecution of its obligations nor for the damages or losses undergone by the customer, if those, results from a case of absolute necessity or a fortuitous occurrence.

All the products at this site are guaranteed for one year (12 months) except:

  • The lamps are guaranteed by the manufacturers (Osram/Sylvania, GE, Philips Ushio, etc.).
  • Secondhand products (generally 30 days).
  • The products that the manufacturer grants a guarantee different from ours (a special mention appears in the page of these products).
The guarantee starts on the day of delivery of the order.
The goods are guaranteed, parts and labor included, except for the shipping and handling (round trip) charges, which are the responsibility of the customer.
The guarantee is valid only if the customer uses the products under normal conditions.
The guarantee includes repairs and/or the replacement of the parts found defective by our engineering departments and this, excluding all damages and interests.
The execution of the obligations rising from the guarantee does not cause to prolong or renew the initial duration of the guarantee.
Goods being provided and recognized in good operating conditions without obvious defects.

Note that PROJEC.com inc. decline their responsibility for:

  • For all damages caused by the equipments or from a bad use of these.
  • For interventions due to electric tensions deviating in a excessive way from foreseen nominal values.
  • An error of handling or a bad use on behalf of the user.
  • A lack of care or an insufficient or incorrect maintenance.
  • A fall or a clash of the equipment.
  • A use of lamps or accessories other than those recommended by the manufacturer.

The guarantee is cancelled for the equipment having been repaired or transformed by people not appointed in writing by:
PROJEC.com inc.
1670, Semple - suite 199
Quebec, QC, G1N 4B8
Phone: 418.529-8982
Fax: 418.529-8519

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